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    Touch Support designs, builds, manages, scales and improves highly effective enterprise support more quickly, cost efficiently and successfully than can be done internally or elsewhere.

    We're different. Learn how.

 Help us help you:

Create and scale 24/7 customer support for your new business or product launch

Get your most valuable people out of the customer service role

Improve your process and infrastructure to resolve user issues

Relieve HR of the struggle to hire, manage and retain good support people

Turn around your customer satisfaction scores and retention rates

Build positive word of mouth and brand loyalty

Our secret sauce

We view service as a driver of customer value. This philosophy helps us stand apart as a strategic partner in a sea of providers. Our Customer Experience Optimization framework is how we deliver on this difference:

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We hire the very best

We train and document exhaustively

business process optimization intelligence platform


We deploy our proprietary software

We establish custom, automated workflows

We capture comprehensive analytics


support optimization and integration


We continually refine the process

We operate as an extension of your team

Trust us. 1,000+ companies do.


“Most outsourcing is not like having a real employee that knows the things to do. Touch Support is different. Technicians are knowledgeable—it’s reflected in the quality of their responses. And when I have a problem, my team always has a solution. I get details, not just a generic answer like ‘we’re working on it.'”

—Owner, Global Web Hosting Company

“Ultimately we decided we really needed a partner who could primarily deliver high quality support…and that’s Touch Support. I’m astonished at the quality of the resources. I’ve gotten project management, technical training, a team of 5-6—it’s huge. Around the clock, I need someone there when I need them, and Touch Support is.”

—Head of Support, Startup Software Company

We partner with

Software companies

Web hosting firms


Tech product/services businesses

And more

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