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Business Intelligence & Actionable Analytics

Take the pulse of your customer service and support department in the palm of your hand. You’re always on the move, whether you’re networking at a conference, or in an Uber, running a business means running around. As the head of a department, or the head of your company, we’ll keep you in touch with your business.

We bring analytics to the point of action. By measuring key performance indicators in real-time, you’ll find actionable answers to your most detailed questions.

KPIs help your organization stay on track—but measuring employee performance, support activity and customer satisfaction with accuracy requires chasing down data from all over the place. Stop the madness — bring all your data and people together into a single, intuitive platform.

Answers when you need them

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Customer Satisfaction

Collect, interpret and analyze customer feedback over time to quickly identify happy and unhappy customers.

Workforce utilization

Allow managers to gain visibility into true resource capacity and efficiently meet service level agreements, even as conditions change. Reward your rockstars and identify areas of opportunity.

SLA governance

Mitigate the risk of non-compliance with SLAs. Measure and manage your levels of service consistently, with automated reporting.

Device Monitoring

Get notified of problems before they affect your users. Access a dashboard with an up to date feed of the status of your servers.

Real-time workflow

View and assign customer issues to your support team based on urgency, skill level, customer history and more.

Predictive Analytics

Eliminate decisions made on gut feeling. Uncover patterns in your support organization to optimize scheduling and team performance.

Our Expertise

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