Web Hosting Support

Customize Your Support Model

Our Linux Web Hosting support team is ready to mix and match your support model’s demands to best fit customer inquiries. Choose from multiple convenient support channels.


Friendly, prompt, and tech savvy agents are standing by to assist with your customer’s calls. We offer both inbound and outbound support call services to make sure your customers are taken care of properly every step of the way.

Ticket & Helpdesk

Highly technical items require a helpdesk to properly resolve them. We support a variety of helpdesks or we can build a custom integration for your specific helpdesk. Don’t have a helpdesk? Let us set up, configure, and man your new support portal.

Live Chat

Technicians available 24 x 7 available at your keyboard! Leverage our partner, LiveChat Inc. to build a custom, professional Live Chat service your clients demand.

Server Administration & Monitoring

Leave the technical headaches to our team. We offer server management for world-class web hosting companies, data centers, site operators, and anyone else who needs a technical resource to keep their server online. Find out more about our Linux Server Administration & Monitoring services

Pick the Right Team

“When team members connect and build strong relationships, they don’t just work with each other. They work for each other.”

Jon Gordon


Shared Model Support

Ideal for small to mid sized service providers who don’t have enough support volume to justify a dedicated team, but you need support around the clock. Our shared support model is a perfect balance between easy to understand per-incident pricing and high quality technical support all day, every day.


Hybrid Model Support

Mix and match to best meet your customer’s needs. Now you can have a fully trained, laser focused dedicated agent attending your customer’s needs during your peak business hours and rely on the shared team to pick up the low volume after hours periods. You get the best of both worlds! Excellent service quality and dedicated resources for your prime business hours with the flexibility and value of per incident pricing on your low volume hours.

This model is a perfect fit for businesses who have clear peaks and valleys in support coverage or clearly defined support coverage, such as 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday, but need resources available in case of an after hours call or unexpected issue.


Dedicated Model Support

Eliminate the trouble with dealing with a different person every time you or your customers needs support and build a support team dedicated only to you and your customers. These team members are an extension of your internal team and adopt your company culture and values. Our dedicated teams are perfect for businesses who demand high quality, high touch support interactions every time and high volume businesses where a per-incident rate no longer is cost effective.

Main Advantages of the Dedicated Agent Support Model are:

  • Personal communication and management with your custom team
  • 100% focused on your brand success
  • Deep brand understanding and knowledge
  • One cohesive team
  • Improved visibility and clarity on progress
  • No contractual limit or a per ticket cost for the help desk issues your team resolves

We’re Here When You Need Us

At Touch Support, we understand that the only way we’ll be able to provide you with the valuable services you need is to really get to know your business, your customers and how they both fit together. Throughout our initial relationship we’ll learn about your brand, your products and your services. We’ll study your customers and learn how you want us to communicate with them on your behalf for the best possible results. We’ll also run ongoing training so that we’re always putting our best foot forward, lending a helping hand when you need it and increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

Our Expertise

These are the areas where we can help you as well