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Customer satisfaction and loyalty are critical components to business success, as satisfied customers are far more likely to promote your brand name and repeatedly purchase products and/or services. Conversely, dissatisfied customers are responsible for 80 percent of all negative feedback which can be devastating to marketing campaigns and your brand itself if the underlying issues are not resolved. Since its introduction in 2003, many businesses have been utilizing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a simple way to gauge overall customer satisfaction. By asking customers just two brief questions, your company can stay on top of customer satisfaction levels and make prompt corrections when needed before extensive brand damage occurs.



NPS Only Requires Two Survey Questions

Businesses who utilize the NPS system send a percentage of customers a basic survey at pre-set intervals of time or after a purchase.

The following two questions are asked during this survey:

  • How likely is it that you would recommend my brand/product/service to a friend or colleague?
  • What is the most important reason for your score?

A 0-10 numerical response system is used for the first question, with 0 correlating to an answer of “not likely” and 10 corresponding to “highly likely”. While only the first response is used to determine the actual NPS score, answers to the second question enhance your ability to make corrections in cases where customers are dissatisfied.

How is NPS Calculated?

Customer responses to the first survey question are organized into three categories

Support Statistics
Support Statistics

Promoters are those who selected 9 or 10, Passives selected 7 or 8, Detractors answered 0-6. The NPS can then be calculated by subtracting the number of detractors from the promoters (the number of passives does not alter the NPS). By comparing your NPS score to similar businesses in your industry, you can get an excellent feel for how you’re ranking with your competitors. Although NPS scores can range between -100 and 100, anything above 50 is considered excellent while “Best in Class” organizations consistently show NPS scores of 70 or greater.

Touch Support Can Improve Your NPS Score

By providing top notch third party customer service, Touch Support is likely to help increase your NPS score, as customer service has been shown to be a significant factor in customer satisfaction as a whole. The companies we support consistently report NPS scores of 50 or higher, while those who utilize Windows rank at 65 and above. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to better assist your customers.

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