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The city of Atlanta is a hot spot for an impressive number of the world’s Fortune 1000 companies, with over 75% having a presence in the “Empire City of the South”. In order to reduce expenses and improve customer relations, many of these businesses have decided to utilize the assistance of Atlanta outsourced support. Through the ability to harness the skills of professional, English speaking customer service representatives living overseas, third parties have gained attention in recent years as a means to provide superior customer service at a reduced cost. Staff members are also trained efficiency specialists and can work with your company to reduce waste in the areas of technology, process development, documentation and more.

Atlanta is Known as “The Empire City of the South”

Ranking fourth in the nation for number of Fortune 500 headquarters, the city of Atlanta has earned the nickname “Empire of the South”. The area has a strong presence in the technology sector and is the country’s 10th largest high tech job provider. Companies within the transportation, utility, professional service arenas and more are based in the area; construction and manufacturing businesses also have a strong presence. With customers throughout the United States and beyond fueling the economy of the city, maintaining a high standard of customer service is a critical aspect to every business in Atlanta. Customer service representatives working in the area are paid an average of $13/hr, the same rate as the national average. Atlanta outsourced support can provide improved customer care while increasing the bottom line for your company.

White Labeling Can Increase the Popularity of Your Brand Name

Atlanta outsourced support provides excellent customer service including rapid response times with emails and chat services and brief hold times when customers call to speak with a representative directly. By white labeling your customer service support package provided through Atlanta outsourced support, every interaction between our professionals and your customers will be handled with continuity of your brand name, leading to increased brand popularity. We can also handle changes in call volume with ease, eliminating the need for your business to adjust the number of representatives on staff when you encounter business fluctuations.

Work With Our Professionals to Minimize Extra Expenses

In addition to saving you money on your customer service needs, the professionals at Atlanta outsourced support are trained efficiency specialists. We can help you reduce waste and extra expenses in the areas of technology, internal documentation, process development, etc. By streamlining the environment in which your employees work, you’re likely to see an increase in productivity and greater focus on innovation.

A Growing Trend That Benefits Businesses and Customers Alike

By participating in the trend to utilize the assistance of third party Atlanta outsourced support for your customer service needs, you’ll be benefiting both your own business and your customers alike. Electing to locate inefficient processes restricting the day to day flow within your workplace also benefits all involved and will encourage the growth of your organization. The professionals at TouchSupport are ready to meet your needs; give us a call today.