Boston Outsourced Support

Boston Outsourced Support

Boston is a globally renowned city with the 12th largest economy in the world. Known for its institutes of higher education and home to a variety of industries, businesses within the area have been part of the trend to shift their customer service needs into the hands of a third party. With the ability to white label your customer support package, Boston outsourced support can improve customer satisfaction and brand recognition while lowering your expenses. You may also be able to improve the efficiency of your company in numerous areas by working with our professionals who are trained in analytics, technical writing, process development and more.

Boston Ranks Among the World’s 30 Most Economically Powerful Cities

With the sixth largest economy of the nation and ranked among the world’s 30 most economically powerful cities, Boston is home to a massive array of industries and institutes of higher education. Tourists from around the world visit Boston every year and the seaport is one of the busiest on the east coast. Businesses associated with biotechnology and health research contribute significantly to the overall economy and the area boasts a strong presence in the financial arena. Customer service representatives meeting the needs of these local companies are paid an average of $31,580 per year, nearly 50% more than the national average. The high cost of providing customer support has compelled many of these businesses to seek an alternative; Boston outsourced support not only lowers the cost of customer service but will also reduce the average handling time (AHT) that customers must endure before having their issue resolved.

White Labeling is the Solution to Brand Name Recognition

Boston outsourced support offers the option to white label an entire support package with your company’s name to prevent confusion and increase brand name recognition among customers. With the reduced AHT’s that our professionals are able to provide, customer satisfaction is likely to increase; with white labeling, that satisfaction translates into greater brand popularity. We will also eliminate the hassle of adjusting the size of your customer service staff throughout different times of the year, as changes in call volume are handled by our overseas representatives with no frustration to you and no sacrifice to the level of customer service provided.

Increased Efficiency Leads to Greater Production

Oftentimes it takes a fresh perspective to spot areas awaiting greater efficiency; our professionals are trained to help you improve the daily flow your company with their skill sets in technical writing, analytics, process development and more. Boston outsourced support has helped numerous companies improve efficiency by as much as 30% within the areas of internal processes, technology and documentation.

Enjoy Savings and the Expansion of Your Organization

By taking advantage of the superior customer service provided by Boston outsourced support, you’ll not only enjoy reduced expenses but also have the opportunity to expand your organization. Freeing up customer service dollars allows more money to be funneled into innovative arenas, leading to the growth of your business. When you streamline the daily operations of your company by working with our efficiency specialists, the rewards are likely to increase. Professionals at TouchSupport are ready to provide these services to your business so give us a call today.