At Touch Support, we understand that your business process needs to be like a well-oiled machine – it doesn’t just allow you to get more work done, but it allows you to address the needs and meet the challenges of your own customers at a moment’s notice. This is why we offer world-class business process optimization services to clients just like you. Leverage our years of experience in the customer support industry to build the best support solution for your customers complete with detailed analytics and reporting available at your fingertips with VisX.


Plan, Review and Analyze

Our team will dive deep to review any existing processes, procedures, and documentation. Our Implementation Specialists will work with your team at various levels to find out exactly how your company ticks.

Build, Improve and Implement

After our team has scoured your existing set up we go to work to identify areas of opportunities in key areas such as workflow, training, quality assurance, company culture and customer satisfaction. Using this information we build a project roadmap to chart timelines, priorities, and expectations so you always know what we are working on and when the next milestone will be met.

Continuos Improvement - Powered by VisX

Using VisX, our powerful workflow management and analytics tool, we gather a wealth of analytic data that allows our teams to review, revisit, and apply what we learn. We don’t stop improving. Your customers demand the best and we work with you as a team to meet and exceed their expectations.


Our Solutions

Knowledge and expertise packed in a suite to make your business more efficient

Business Process Optimization

Outsourced Support

When your business needs support for Windows or Linux eco systems, custom tailored solutions specifically built for you or analytical data insights of your company to help you in critical short & long term decision making, we have the best support solutions for you.

Business Process Optimization

Linux Server Administration & Monitoring

We provide world-class server management for web hosting companies, data centers, site operators, and anyone looking to keep their server secure and online.

Business Process Optimization

Windows Server Administration & Desktop Service Monitoring

Your environment needs to be online all the time and when something happens you need a team who can react swiftly to resolve the issue. Touch Support’s monitoring tools provide enterprise grade solutions to keep you online when you need it most.


Business Process Optimization
  • Build positive word of mouth and brand loyalty
  • Improve your process and infrastructure to resolve user issues
  • Get your most valuable people out of the customer service role
  • Create and scale 24/7 customer support for your new business or product launch
  • Relieve HR of the struggle to hire, manage and retain good support people
  • Turn around your customer satisfaction scores and retention rates