IT Support Intern

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Beirut Beirut Governorate

Who are we?

You have always been interested in IT but haven’t yet found your way in? Or have you just started learning about technology and want to put your passion into a career? Then, this is the perfect time and place to make it happen!

Touch Support is a US-based company that works as a strategic partner to diverse technology firms and assists them with exceptional customer service. Our teams support a wide range of technologies, including Linux, Windows Servers, various Cloud platforms, and SaaS. 

Since the pandemic, we’ve learned that our staff prefers working from the comfort of their homes, so we entirely switched to remote work - work-from-home position, and have long experience and success with training and onboarding new team members online.

For that reason, we are accepting applications from anywhere in Lebanon!

Responsibilities and goals you’ll own:

At the moment, we are looking for several new team members to join us for our IT Support Intern role. Depending on your technical preference, experience, and ambition, you would be offered a position in one of our teams. We will use the interview process to find out what would suit you best! The daily responsibilities of a Support Intern are to:

  • Respond to and resolve customer questions through chat, email, and telephone calls quickly and effectively.
  • Assist in onboarding, educating, and supporting our customers through their journey
  • Help and guide our customers with technical and billing-related questions.
  • Act as a customer advocate by passing along unique questions and challenges that you see our customers are experiencing
  • Increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty by providing an outstanding, personal customer experience.


We have successfully trained staff from scratch for several years and built a robust and learning-oriented environment. We believe in finding and hiring talent, individuals who possess a strong interest in the field and strong motivation to learn and succeed. Therefore, we hire for character and train the skill, and our requirements are set accordingly, with a few simple preconditions:

  • Excellent communication skills in the English language, as our clients are primarily US-based
  • High school degree
  • Interest in developing a career in Linux system administration, Windows system administration, or troubleshooting technical and software issues with virtual Windows workstations
  • Solution-oriented mindset and passion for resolving problems
  • Passion for working with people and helping them to get their stuff work
  • Readiness to learn quickly, lend a helping hand, and pass on the knowledge as you grow with the company.
  • Ability to work in all three shifts (morning, afternoon, night shift). However, our schedules are quarterly-based, and you would keep a more stable schedule instead of daily changes.


Please submit your application in the English language. Applications submitted in any other language will not be considered.

What do we offer?

  • You will be able to further your development with valuable certifications paid by the company.
  • The promotional path is clearly defined, and you will know what’s required to achieve the next step in your career. Additionally, if you want to try management or project management positions, those will be available as part of your career path.
  • Great teamwork environment! Even though we work from home, our team is firmly connected at any given moment to ensure everyone feels a part of the team.
  • Position is paid and is fully remote (work from home)