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New York Tech Support

Outsourcing and white labeling of customer support is an economically viable option for many companies that not only improves the bottom line of the business but also increases the percentage of satisfied customers. The bustling economy within the city of New York can benefit from outsourced support provided through a reputable company who can offer complete brand continuity, freeing up time to focus on the specific needs of your business. With professional customer service representatives who work overseas and are fluent in English, you’ll find that the quality and scalability of outsourcing eliminates the hassle of adding or removing employees while the average handling time (AHT) of each customer interaction is reduced. New York outsourced support can also help your business increase efficiency with the help of analytics, technical writing, process improvement and more.

New York City Has the Largest Economic Output in the United States

New York City (NYC) is home to some of the world’s largest corporate headquarters and hosts two of the most important financial centers on the planet. Companies focusing on information technology, biomedical research and healthcare, manufacturing, trade, media and more also call NYC home. Considering the average wage for a customer service rep in NYC is slightly higher than the national average at $14 per hour, it may come as no surprise that many of the city’s businesses are choosing New York outsourced support to lower the overall cost of customer service while simultaneously increasing their satisfaction rate.

Improve the Reputation of Your Brand Name


By working with a third party to provide white labeled customer support, the reputation of your brand name can be improved through reduced AHT’s which increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, our service centers are staffed with professional agents that can handle an increase or decrease in service calls at any time, eliminating the need for your company to alter the number of customer service reps on hand in preparation for increases or decreases in the flow of your business.

Experts in More Than Just Customer Service

While customer service and satisfaction are critical aspects to any business, the internal processes, documentation, technology and more also affect efficiency. By working with our experts in technical writing, process development, training and customer service, we’ll help you improve the overall efficiency of your company from many different angles. Many businesses report up to a 30% improvement in the day to day flow of operations after working with New York outsourced support.

A Decision to Help Your Company Grow

Making the decision to work with New York outsourced support is a wise choice that is likely to help your company grow. Our analytics track the percentage of satisfied customers, allowing you to clearly see the daily improvements taking place. Give our professionals at TouchSupport a call to find out more about the services we provide.