We’re ready to support your product or server – even if it doesn’t fit the mold.


Custom Support Solutions

Our Implementation team will learn about your business, about your customers, about your product or service does, and help you build the perfect support offering to meet and exceed your customer’s needs.

We will work to create initial training to match how you want us to handle client interactions.

After we launch your services we constantly update training, processes and documentation! We don’t stop improving.

We’re Here When You Need Us

At Touch Support, we understand that the only way we’ll be able to provide you with the valuable services you need is to really get to know your business, your customers and how they both fit together. Throughout our initial relationship we’ll learn about your brand, your products and your services.

We’ll study your customers and learn how you want us to communicate with them on your behalf for the best possible results. We’ll also run ongoing training so that we’re always putting our best foot forward, lending a helping hand when you need it and increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

Our team is here 24x7x365, covering all timezones, and we’re ready to handle your customer needs

All team members go through the same training and provide consistent quality and response times, regardless of the day of the week or the time of the day.

Shared Model Support

Friendly. Economical. Tech savvy. Our shared model support is designed to give you the peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing your customers can rely on our team anytime. This solution is ideal for low to mid volume customers who require around the clock coverage at a per-incident rate or a partner who is just beginning to grow.

Custom Support Solutions
Custom Support Solutions

Hybrid Model Support

Our hybrid model support was designed to allow you to deliver the type of focused support you need when you need it the most, with an eye on increased efficiency and effectiveness at the same time. The hybrid model is a mix of both dedicated team resources placed at peak times, with shared team members available during low volume periods.

This model is ideal for businesses who have clear peaks and valleys in support coverage or well defined support hours, such as 9:00 – 5:00. During peak business hours dedicated team members will be available to assist your customers who are exclusively dedicated to your brand. Fully trained shared support agents can help pick up off hour requests to ensure that no customer is ever left waiting, without the cost of a full time employee when you don’t need one.

Dedicated Model Support

With our dedicated model outsourced support, you get access to a dedicated team of agents that is laser focused on one thing only: the success of your brand. These agents provide support exclusively for your customers and who always remain up to date in product knowledge, the inner workings of your business model and more. This makes budgeting easier to due the predictability of fees, as well.

We want to make it clear that working with our support team is a blending of our two companies and your new dedicated team will be an extension of your current staff. We adopt your company culture and values to ensure that each interaction is exactly what you would expect.

Custom Support Solutions

Analytics You can Trust

Curious how your team is doing? Do you need more information on how your most recent update impacted ticket volume and response times? Our comprehensive analytics powered by VisX will provide the answers to your questions and allow you to make accurate predictions and to track our progress.

Custom Support Solutions
Custom Support Solutions

SaaS Customer Support

At Touch Support, our business process optimization services are designed to streamline your operations while improving customer satisfaction at the same time. We put a lot of pride in our ability to learn about your business, find out as much as possible about your customers and take the specific actions you want us to take on your behalf, when you want us to take them. This type of intelligent action on your behalf is one of the keys to not only minimizing churn, but also increasing customer satisfaction across the board.

eCommerce Support

Touch Support is prepared to supply your eCommerce efforts with the 24 hour a day, seven day a week support you need – covering all timezones and handling all off-hours support, no exceptions. Our teams are armed with the types of product knowledge, customer empathy and more to act appropriately on your behalf at all times.

Custom Support Solutions
Custom Support Solutions

Startup Support

Touch Support understands that not all startups are looking for the same type of support – that’s why there is no “one size fits all” methodology to our approach. With our elastic pricing and our dedicated team of trained support agents, we can expand or retract our coverage as necessary as your business continues to grow and evolve.