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Reasonable real estate prices, a lack of excessive crowds and low taxes have drawn a significant number of technology companies to the Raleigh-Durham area. Many people are surprised by the high tech start ups and big corporations which have a presence in North Carolina, yet the area is part of the Research Triangle which has long been known as a hub for upcoming developments and enterprises. Wearable technology has become a popular venture in this area, and medical developments help maintain a cutting edge culture. Raleigh-Durham outsourced support services are simultaneously growing in popularity, as many organizations have discovered the benefits of utilizing a third party to meet aspects of their IT needs and beyond.

The Research Triangle Park Boasts a Strong Tech Presence

Since the 1950’s, the area located between the three cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill has been known as the “Research Triangle Park” and is home to an impressive number of high tech enterprises, start ups, and big corporations alike. Research facilities within local Universities also anchor in the high technology presence. Google Fiber intends to land in the Triangle area, and smaller organizations focused on the development of wearables have already put down their roots. Giants like Red Hat, Cisco, IBM and more are well established, and companies of all sizes are quickly catching on to the trend to utilize Raleigh-Durham outsourced support services to meet specific needs within their organizations.

Simplicity and Cost Savings Through Outsourcing

Full time employees cost more than their salaries alone; benefit packages must be paid, additional office space must be maintained, and the expense of hiring and training new staff members is always present. Many companies, regardless of their size, have discovered that Raleigh-Durham outsourced support services provide a far simpler and more cost effective means to achieving the goals of their businesses. Start ups in particular may find outsourcing can make the difference between success and failure, as most new organizations do not have the resources to maintain an IT network and hire a customer service staff.

Services to Support the Growth of Your Business

Business optimization is undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve growth; working with a third party who can perform a host of analytic services throughout your organization is an excellent way to detect areas in need of attention. The professionals at TouchSupport can perform these and other services on behalf of your company; IT infrastructure support requirements, along with Windows and Linux administrative needs can be met. Many organizations appreciate the ability to outsource customer service requirements, as customer satisfaction is likely to improve with our assistance. Contact us today to find out how Raleigh-Durham outsourced support services can take your business to the next level.