Developing Performance Metrics

The Touch Support Guide to Increasing Customer Satisfaction

As the empowerment of the consumer spreads with every tweet and text, the importance of customer experience is as unmistakable as ever before. It is estimated, that US companies lose $41 billion a year due to bad customer experience, and 58% of these frustrated customers never use that company again.

Companies must adapt to growing expectations of a more personalized and higher-level customer service experience by developing and implementing performance metrics for customer satisfaction, SLA’s, and quality of work.

Measuring and analyzing data that is relevant to customer satisfaction will lead to a more efficient and capable business if properly prepared for and expertly executed. The first step in this process is coming up with a clear definition of the metrics. All of the performance metrics must be attentively set in order to ensure an obtainable goal is determined and achieved through an accurate process. The accuracy of this process is paramount because the data collected must be inherently transparent.

This data will become a pivotal factor in the research and development of future strategy. Metrics can reinvigorate your business through the discovery of new viable business models, or simply provide profitable insights as to how to improve your customer service tactics.

Every company’s approach to these metrics is unique, and every process is very nuanced.

In essence, great metrics are tailored to help your company drive performance, assist with decisions, and vastly improve customer satisfaction. Once collected and analyzed, companies can apply this data in ways that will strengthen their team as well as expand and maintain their customer base. These forward thinking professionals will be in a position to set themselves apart from the herd, become industry leaders, and build a widely recognized and respected brand.

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