Idera Server Backup 5.2 Announcement

Idera has announced that Server Backup Enterprise v5.2 is coming Wednesday, May 1st!

The new release provides several new key features and enhancements:

  • Remote Agent Deployment – Save time on setup and make backup easier to manage with our deployment and configurationwizards. Server Backup now enables you to install, set up and start backing up in less than five minutes – the simplest, fastest, easiest-to-configure server backup on the market.
  • Improved dashboard – New and improved dashboard has many more performance indicators and drill-down capabilities. It enables you to see at a glance the status of your backups, and be able to tell if the system is healthy and meeting SLAs.
  • Disk safe verification – Server Backup now monitors the disk safe to make sure it’s safe from corruption. This reduces the need for test restores, and gives you confidence in the integrity and restore-ability of your data.

It is important to start planning your upgrade to Idera version 5.2 early. Contact us to learn more.