Mythbusters: Outsourcing Edition

There are plenty of misconceptions and incorrect notions about outsourcing – from the poor, exploited workers slaving away in crowded cubicles to the decline of the industry in general. While we can’t speak for everyone, we’re clearing up some common myths about outsourcing below.

Top Outsourcing Misconceptions

Myth: Outsourced Jobs are Low-End, Dead-End Positions that No One Else is Willing to Do
While some outsourced jobs are micro tasks or menial dull tasks, there are many interesting, involved and vibrant opportunities for freelance providers. Companies that know they need help with marketing, social media, content creation, IT, and even finance often opt to hire top flight talent they could not afford to hire on a regular basis. A fulltime expert employee with experience is expensive – outsourcing allows businesses to benefit from a skilled expert without the big price tag.

Myth: Outsourcing Always Means Offshore Workers
The stereotype of the company who sends valuable jobs overseas or outsources to exploited workers making a handful of change a day is not totally accurate. While some outsourced jobs are offshore, most gigs go to workers right in the USA. The rise of the gig economy, powered in part by tech savvy Baby Boomers and millennials means that outsourced jobs can be performed in any city, state or town in the nation.

Myth: Outsourced Work is Low Quality
Outsourcing key services to a business that specializes ensures that your team is up to date, accurate and invested in success. Some tasks only need to be done once or occasionally – hiring a professional makes more sense than investing the time you’d need to go it alone. Outsourcing tasks that you are not fully equipped to handle puts your business in expert hands; that new and novel need you have is something an outsource service provider handles routinely. For many tasks, outsourcing allows you to access top quality talent for your needs with a hefty training investment.

Myth: You Need Big Bucks to Outsource
The opposite is usually true – outsourcing saves you the cost of hiring a dedicated employee or team of employees for some tasks. While big companies can and do benefit from the process, outsourcing actually helps ensure a level playing field for small and mid-sized companies. Outsourcing can also help your business grow and scale; you only pay for the level of service that you need and add more services as needed.

Myth: Workers are Exploited and Stuck in Dead End Jobs
We know every workplace has its own unique culture, but for TouchSupport, employees are number one. We know that our team can’t provide you with the best level of service unless they are truly comfortable, inspired, motivated and happy. We make sure that our team not only can perform the tasks you need, but that they have room for advancement, a cool and laidback setting to work in and a thriving and engaged corporate culture.

Myth: Outsourcing is Dying Because of Technology
Like many outsourcing myths, this one has things backwards – outsourcing is thriving because of technology. The challenges involved with keeping up with ever changing standards and tech mean that businesses of all types are actively seeking to access highly trained skilled workers (that they do not have to train themselves) to perform a variety of tasks. Outsourcing is a robust and vital business, with leaders like TouchSupport constantly working to reach new heights and to expand the services they can offer clients.

Forget the tired myths and misconceptions that many of us have been conditioned to have about outsourcing and see what the process can offer you. TO learn more about harnessing the expertise of a skilled team for your business and to find out just how far outsourcing can take you, contact us today. We’re here to make sure you can focus on what you do best – running your business.