A Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is my first “owned” tablet, though it is no where near the first one I have had my hands on. It has taken me a while to find a tablet worth getting and after all my research I decided on this great device! As Samsung has been competing with the iPad for some time, and by some accounts, the original Galaxy Tab is a hard product to follow up. Samsung, in my opinion, has found a way to offer a work and play version of their products to the public. The original Tab came with a stylus and intuitive features with it, making it ideal for the person that works on the go. Whereas the Tab 2 is a bit slimmer and compact due to being a stylus design, and more powerful forward facing speakers makes using the Tab 2 for entertainment purposes more ideal.

Enough of the comparing the old with the new, lets get down to what I think are some of the better features of this device and what I think it is lacking, now that I have had time to fully gauge this nifty little product.


  • The Tab 2 comes with forward facing speakers which enhances your audio experience, while reducing your overall sound signature in the public. In stead of fighting for overcoming ambient sound it is directed right at you, which is a bonus to not only you but the people around you!
  • Without the need for a stylus, the overall size has been slimmed down and weight dropped.
  • Stronger processor than it’s predecessor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 Dual core 1500 MHz
  • Mobile/WiFi Compatible


  • Lower grade Video/Camera than the original
  • No light/flash
  • Keyboard slightly too large to use while on the go

My overall opinion of this product is a solid A, as it delivers exactly what it advertises. In a world of bells and whistles it’s always a positive when they work and do not bog down your overall experience and the Tab 2 does exactly that! With many great accessories out there you can really enhance your overall performance of this device, I would recommend the one of the following –