Touch Support Launches New Live Chat Program

LAFAYETTE, Indiana – June 15th, 2012 – Touch Support is proud to announce a partnership with a new live chat program –

LiveChat is a real-time, live-chat software tool, which helps keep you connected with our professionals faster than ever. This will make it easier for us to provide the best customer service we can and deliver a better experience between clients and end users!

Nowadays everybody has some kind of a social media profile and uses it as his online alter-ego. People list their likes and dislikes, and use tools like Facebook Connect to quickly access resources of the web – that includes shopping carts.

Here’s where it becomes interesting: LiveChat can help leverage that personal information, to aid sales people in their day to day research and boost their conversion rates through the roof!

LiveChat windows can also have a Twitter and Google+ icon, leading to dedicated fan-pages on those platforms. This also increases the social presence of a company. You can activate those buttons in your control panel.

Bring your live chat experience to an all-time high with our embedded chat window. Increase your chat number and offer easier navigation for your customers.  Increase chat number considerably and acquire higher conversion rate – all with the new embedded chat window!

Chat. Keep in touch with visitors.

With ease handle multiple chats with your customers thanks to our chat windows improvements. Use LiveChat to manage your team and train new operators.

You’re not alone. Whenever your operators feel that they are overloaded with chats, or a particularly important client needs to be serviced, they can use our chat transfer feature to get help from free or more skilled operators.

Absolute recall. Our canned responses system will help you handle your chats more effectively and increase the number of chats your operators can handle simultaneously. Tag-based canned responses allow you to recall pre- made messages within half a second.

Read their minds. Message sneak peek feature allows you to see what your visitors are typing in before they send it over. This can be helpful in understanding your visitors’ needs better and is sure to help you in chatting with hesitant customers.

Chat Supervision

Our shift managers can easily manage our operators using LiveChat. Supervision capability allows managers to join ongoing conversations as an observer to assess, help and train our operators in real chat situations.  Managers can use this feature to covertly whisper useful tips and information to their operators which can help in converting a visitor to a customer. They can also join the conversation to speak to the visitor directly anytime they feel the need to do so.


Your operators can be rated on the fly by your visitors, straight from the chat window. This is a great way to see how your operators are doing and a way to improve your customer service. What can be more helpful in evaluating your operators than direct feedback from visitors? Thanks to our rating systems, you can easily monitor which operators offer the best service! Your visitors can rate operators right in the chat window or through a post chat survey.

Communication quality

See how well your live chat is received by your customers. Data on how well your agents are doing is available in the control panel. You can also see how long does an average chat lasts, how long does a customer has to wait for a response and see if the matter was handled properly.

Post chat survey

By utilizing our post chat survey system, you can gather valuable information regarding the quality of your service. Have your customers leave any feedback in post chat surveys to give you an insight on how effective your implementation is.

Chat history storage

All the chats are stored on LiveChatInc’s servers. We hope to offer the ability to review them through a control panel we plan to launch later this year.  There is no expiration date on the stored data and it is not removable. There is no storage limit for archives.


Customization capabilities and e-commerce tools of our solution are just the thing you need to bring your company to the next level and increase your revenue. (Don’t) paint it black. Customize your chat window by selecting a color scheme similar to that of your website or company colors. Make the chat window feel like an integral part of your website and increase your brand recognition.

Facebook Login

Customers have the ability to log in with their Facebook accounts to your live chat. This is beneficial both for you and your customers, since they will be able go through the login process with just one click and you will get a lot of additional information on your customers through their Facebook profiles, which is sure to translate into higher conversion rates and a more precise support.

Screen Sharing

Through our 3rd party integrations like LogMeIn or, you visitors can share their desktop screen with your operators, and your operators can take control of that screen to provide support on a whole new level. You can utilize this feature to share your screen too, which can be very helpful in product demonstrations.


LiveChat can be easily integrated with 3rd-party applications such as Facebook, WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal.

LiveChat Facts

  • An operator can be logged in to LiveChat on a PC, laptop and mobiles at the same time Managers use LiveChat to supervise the ongoing chats and increase customer service quality You can put LiveChat on as many pages you like and each one can have its own design Customization of LiveChat by an average user takes between 1 and 5 minutes.
  • Operators in LiveChat see the sentence typed in by a customer before it is even sent
  • For all of you who don’t want any extra software installed we have a web-based LiveChat app Help! Ayuda! Hilfe! помогите! – No worries! LiveChat is available in over 20 languages
  • All chats with customers in LiveChat are secured with a 256-bit SSL connection

Feature List

Automated invitations

Thanks to our automated invitations, you can create a set of conditions that will trigger invitations when met, be it entering from a certain link, searching for a particular keyword or a certain amount of time spent on site. Automated invitations can greatly simplify the process of reaching out to your clients.

LiveChat Security & Data Storage

Data transmission and storage security is imperative in the modern enterprise. That’s why we have taken all measures to keep all information appropriately protected.

Our staff is granted access only in their respective fields and day to day work. They are also required to maintain confidentiality after departure from the company.

Our data center is located in Texas, US. They are behind a number of security clearances, and there’s always a security guard on duty.

LiveChat developers treat stored data of customers with the highest level of security and care. Each piece of customer data is treated as personal and in need of standardized protection. We have employed security policies which ensure safety of the data storage and transmission.

All LiveChat connections are encrypted with 256bit SSL protocol. Data is stored as long as a customer has a valid license.

Security of Information

LiveChat has information related security and monitoring in compliance with standards and procedures for its service as follows:

  • Documented and defined security standards and procedures. Employee confidentiality agreement.
  • Verification of employees who have access to customer data.
  • Access to information granted only to those employees who need to work with customer data or hosting servers.
  • Access to customer data is limited within 24 hours of employee departure or relocation within LiveChat. Training on internal security policies and raising of security awareness as a day-to-day process.

Statistics and reporting by LiveChat

LiveChat tracks a set of helpful statistics that will show you exactly how your implementation is doing. Conversion data, chat to invitation ratio, satisfaction and many more are available through your LiveChat control panel. They can be easily exported if you need to process the data.

LiveChat stores all the conversation transcripts in a form of archives. You can apply multiple filters to your archives or search for a particular phrase to easily find information you require.

LiveChat’s reporting module includes statistics like:

  • number of chats
  • invitations
  • operator availability queue effectiveness e-commerce statistics
  • chat to goal conversion ROI indication
  • average chatting time queue waiting
  • chat survey stats